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5 Summertime Car Care Tips

May 17, 2021

Now that summertime is arriving, if you thought the car care process was over, you were wrong. While you sustained your vehicle throughout the brutal winter, here are five summer car tips to ensure your ride stays in tip-top shape through the mighty heat.

Tidy it Up

The winter season can do a damper on your vehicle, especially on the outside. Whether your vehicle is at risk for rusted parts, salt build-up from the roads, or has worn down wiper blades, it’s time to do a detailed check and clean up. Start by doing an inspection, and finding out if any rubber parts or seals need to be replaced. After, it’s time to detail your car. Wash the outside and inside of the vehicle, followed by a wax to protect the paint all summer long.

Inspect Your Tires

Hot air makes tires expand, which puts vehicles and passengers at risk for a dangerous and inconvenient blowout. Use your tire gauge to check on the tires, and adjust them as needed. Although, if you are unsure about the proper tire pressure level, check your owner’s manual. Also, if you need to examine the tread, put a penny, Lincoln’s side up, on the grooves of the tires. If you can see his head, it’s time for a new set of tires.

Check Under the Hood

Now, it’s time to venture under the hood. With some occasional checkups, you can prevent any major damage before it happens. Warning signs would be corrosion or overheating around the engine, low fluids, or frayed belts.

Keep it Cold

Just like our bodies, we should try to keep our vehicles as cool as possible during the extreme heat of the summer. Although, don’t stress your air conditioner by frequently switching it from high to low and then off. If you keep it at a steady level, it will work for you longer, as well as improve fuel efficiency.

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Check Back at the Suspension

Winter brought rough road conditions, like bumps, dips, and potholes, so it’s time to check back at your suspension. By replacing a few shocks and springs, smooth rides will be ahead with a correctly tuned steering wheel.