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6 Reasons Why Car Maintenance Is Important

Aug 23, 2021

Auto maintenance is often just another item on the to-do list, but it’s very important that you have it done regularly to save time, money, gas, and more!

1. Increase Safety

Though squeezing in extra hundred miles or so before you take your car in for maintenance, ignoring maintenance for thousands of miles or all together puts you at risk for a breakdown while you’re driving, which likely means a collision, too. Keeping up with the systems in your car through regular maintenance means that issues can be caught and addressed before they become dangerous.

2. Better Performance

Most services don’t just keep you safe on the road, they also help your car run better. Oil changes lubricate and clean the engine, tire rotations provide better traction over time, alignments offer easier steering, and fluid flushes stabilize key systems like the brakes, transmission, power steering, and differentials, making the drive more enjoyable all around.

3. Saves Money

Though putting off service and maintenance may save money in the short run, it will always cost more in the long run. The services you’ll need to schedule on a regular basis are preventative, and avoiding them will only cause the various components of your car to break down over time and need costly repairs. A car that is out of alignment all of the time will cause undue wear and tear on the tires and tie rods; never rotating the tires will lead to uneven and early wear that could cause a blowout, and putting off fluid flushes for the most important systems will cause them to degrade to the point of repair.

4. Increased Fuel Efficiency

You would be surprised just how many things affect the rate at which your car consumes fuel. Everything from the spark plugs, to the alignment, to worn-out tires can cause you to lose miles and miles off of your mpg rate. Keeping everything in order means that your car can function exactly as it should with maximum fuel efficiency.

5. Saves Time

Similar to saving money by preventing large repairs, you’ll also save time. Simple items like oil changes, tire rotations, and alignments don’t take long at all and you can usually wait at the service center while our team completes the job. Even the bigger factory-scheduled maintenance packages at specific mileage intervals only take a few hours, in most cases, you can pick your car back up on the same day. However, big repairs generally require several days of work, which means you have to arrange alternate transportation while your car is in the shop.

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6. Preserves Value Over Time

When you eventually sell your car, presenting a complete set of service records to prove that the car has been well-maintained will boost its value significantly, sometimes even by a couple of thousand dollars!

You can schedule all of your maintenance with us online at McCombs Superior Body Shop today.