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AWD And 4WD: What’s The Difference?

Sep 5, 2022

Are you trying to decide between an All Wheel Drive (AWD) and Four Wheel Drive (4WD) vehicle? Both can provide extra traction and stability in certain conditions. Still, there are some key differences. Here’s a quick overview of each option to help you decide which one is right for you.

AWD: what is it?

AWD is great for those who want the stability and traction of 4WD without the extra fuel consumption. It’s important to know that AWD only activates when it’s needed, which makes it more fuel efficient than 4WD. When you’re driving in inclement weather or on unpaved roads, your car will automatically switch to AWD mode and send power to all four wheels. This gives you the added traction and stability you need to get where you’re going safely.

4WD: What is it?

4WD systems provide maximum traction by evenly distributing power between the front and rear wheels. 4WD systems are typically more robust than AWD systems and can handle more challenging terrain. There are two main types of 4WD systems: full-time and part-time. If you’re looking for a vehicle that can take on rugged terrain, then 4WD is the way to go.

What’s the difference between AWD and 4WD?

There are a few key differences between AWD and 4WD that you should be aware of before choosing which one is right for your needs. For starters, AWD systems are typically found in lighter-weight vehicles, while 4WD is designed for heavier duty applications. Secondly, 4WD sends power to all four wheels at all times, whereas AWD only engages the extra set of wheels when traction is lost. AWD is great for those who want the stability and traction of 4WD without extra fuel consumption. 4WD often comes with low-range gearing and a locking differential, which helps when crawling over rough terrain or hauling heavy loads. The extra power from 4WD can help you get up hills and through mud and snow.

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