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The Best Time To Fill Up Your Gas Tank

Feb 21, 2022

What do you do whenever your vehicle is low on gas? You fill it back up again! It is a necessity for most vehicles that cannot be put off for too long. A lot of people have a bit of a routine when it comes to when they fill up on gas. It may revolve around work schedules, how far or long you drive throughout the week, or when you are in a certain area where you just like a particular gas station more than others. If you are looking for ways to cut costs when you’re filling up your gas tank, check out these facts!

Best Time To Fill Up

It is best to fill up your gas tank during the early morning hours or late at night when the weather is cooler. Fuel contracts when it is exposed to cold temperatures. Fuel expands when the temperature is warmer. If you wait until the temperature drops a few degrees before you get gas, you will get a little more bang for your buck!

Don’t Wait Until the Tank is Empty

It may seem like a great idea to wait until your gas tank is empty to fill it back up, but that can cause some serious damage. If your gas tank is empty, your vehicle’s fuel pump will try to suck up what little gas remains at the bottom of the tank, along with dirt, debris, and particles. This clogs up the fuel filter, which eventually leads to fuel pump assembly failure. It is better to refill when you have a little under a quarter of a tank left in your fuel tank.

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Fill the Tank All the Way Up

You may get uneasy while watching the price go up and up on the fuel pump, but filling the tank up all the way is the most efficient way to save money in the long run. If you are constantly adding $10- $15 to your tank, you are wasting money.