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Follow These Tips To Keep Your Car Clean All Year

Oct 11, 2021

Tired of paying a premium to keep your car clean? Ditch the drive-thru car washes, and take matters into your own hands with these tips for keeping your car clean year-round.

It Starts With Good Products

While you may think soap is soap, you can’t wash your car with just anything. You should never use household products on your vehicle, as you would risk damaging or stripping the exterior paint. With that being said, put the dishwashing soap, detergent, and glass cleaner away. We suggest using an approved, dedicated car-cleaning product. Apply with a large sponge or wool-material cloth. Be sure to use separate cloths or sponges on the tires and wheels.

Keep it Cool

If you have been on the road for a while, chances are, your vehicle is going to feel warm to touch. Before you start cleaning, give your ride a chance to cool down. The heat makes the soap and water dry faster, which makes the cleaning process harder.


In past commercials or television shows, you have probably seen someone clean their car in a circular motion – don’t do that! When wiping with a sponge, be sure to move the sponge around the hood, back and forth, longwise. The circular motion will only leave you with dents, scratches, or swirl marks.

Always Rinse

Once you finish soaping up your ride, be sure to thoroughly hose it off. Start with one section at a time, and completely wash it off before moving on to a different area of the vehicle. Don’t apply extreme pressure. Using a hose without the nozzle will do the trick!

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Don’t Forget to Wax

While you don’t need to wax your car as often as you wash it, a seasonal wax is sure to keep your ride looking spick and span. Not to forget, it will also protect your exterior. Find out what kind of wax is right for you!

Is your ride in need of more than just a wash? Whether you have been in a collision with another vehicle, or you collided with an object, we can fix your ride. Contact us with any questions!