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Essential Regular Maintenance Car Tips

May 3, 2021

Have you recently purchased a car? Being a new vehicle owner comes with lots of bragging rights — it’s shiny and clean, everyone wants to snag a ride with you, and you feel accomplished for such a significant purchase. Although, with great honor comes great responsibility, so make sure you are prepared to care for your vehicle with proper maintenance. If you’re unsure about where to start, here are ten areas of your vehicle you should check often.


First things first, make sure you are keeping up with oil changes. While each manufacturer has different guidelines, an average for oil changes is every 5,000 miles. For a quick check at home, simply open your hood, and pull out the dipstick. If the color is gold, you are in the clear, but if it’s black, you are due for an oil change.

Tire Pressure

Keep a tire pressure gauge on hand, so every once in a while you can quickly check your tire pressure. If the inflation levels are off, that can lead to low fuel efficiency or a flat tire.


If you hear a screeching sound every time you press your brakes, it’s time to have them looked at. After all, your brakes are there for you when you need them, so don’t take them for granted.

Power Steering Fluid

The last thing you want to happen behind the wheel is to lose control, so check your amount of power steering fluid. Just like an oil change, you can easily change this one out yourself in a matter of minutes.

Wheel Alignment

When you drive, do you feel like your vehicle is veering slightly to the right or left? If so, your wheel alignment is probably off.

Antifreeze or Coolant

You’ll need antifreeze or coolant to protect your engine from overheating, and you can apply it yourself. Although, give your engine time to fully cool off to avoid dangerous burns.

Tire Treads

Noticing any burns or lumps in your tires? Tire tread is essential to your success on the road, especially if you find yourself in a slippery situation. If your tires are worn out, it’s time for a new set.

Air Filter

When you get your oil changed, most service centers will go ahead and check your air filter. This item is extremely inexpensive to change out, and it’s essential to your fuel efficiency and engine.

Transmission Fluid

Too much or too little transmission fluid isn’t such a good thing, and you can check this yourself at home with a dipstick. If the fluid color is red, you’re all set, but if it’s black you may need fresh fluid or a transmission flush.

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All of the Lights

If the lights on your car aren’t working properly, this puts your safety, as well as the possibility of being pulled over at risk. Whether it’s a headlight, brake light, or reverse light, they are vital to a safe drive.

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