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Choose The Right Trim For Your Car

May 2, 2022

To choose what trim is best for your car, you first must know understand exactly what a trim is. Each vehicle that you shop for comes in a variety of trims. These “trims” provide an array of features and equipment, be it exterior design features or interior updates that cannot be found on lesser trims.

In laymen’s terms, a trim level is a different version of the model. This allows customers to stylize their vehicle based upon what they like, whether its modern technology features or sleek-looking wheels, among others. When it comes to choosing what trim best works for you, the process comes down to your research and your preferences. In the meanwhile, we are here to help provide you with enough information to get you started on your car-buying journey.

How Many Trims are Typically Offered?

According to consumer reports, manufacturers usually add four to five trim levels. These levels begin with the base model, which doesn’t come with much equipment. The trade-off is that the base trim is the most affordable version. Each trim above the base trim offers a little more, maybe a few more standard features and a stronger engine. The higher up you go, the most features you get and the more expensive the vehicle becomes. The top trim will be the most expensive, but it will come with a plethora of features such as heated and ventilated seats, advanced safety equipment, and enhanced designs. This is what is referred to as fully loaded.

What are the Types of Trims?

There is no one answer to this question. All manufacturers create their own trim systems. For instance, Hyundai starts with the entry-level SE and then moves up to the SEL, Sport, Limited, Ultimate, Calligraphy, and more. The trim levels are always changing as manufacturers remove and add trims each model year.

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What Else is Offered with Your Vehicle?

In addition to choosing your trim level, you can choose the package that you would like. Of course, this takes place when you custom order a brand new vehicle. When it comes to buying used vehicles, you are stuck with what is offered. A package is simply a group of cosmetic or functional options that are bundled together. This includes technology packages, tow packages, performance packages, safety packages, appearance packages, and more.

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