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What is Custom Auto Body Fabrication?

What is Custom Auto Body Fabrication?

Does Your Vehicle Need Specialized Body Repair?

Sometimes, specific auto body work needs major work that can’t be done without skill-intensive craft. When it comes to transforming vehicles into their tip-top shape, this work requires skilled fabrication using advanced tools and parts. When faced with challenges beyond your expertise, seek specialized assistance from Red McCombs Superior Body Shop in San Antonio, TX.

What Is Custom Auto Body Fabrication?

Custom auto body fabrication involves crafting parts unavailable in markets. The perfect piece to put your vehicle back into its original sparkling shape may no longer exist, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. With custom auto body fabrication, we use a complex process and advanced technologies like laser cutting alongside specific tools such as power hammers and MIG welders to make your vehicle uniquely yours again.

Top Fabrication Services

  • Complete Custom Bodies: Craft the entire vehicle body, including hood, bumper, rim, windows, doors, and trunk, ensuring it looks factory-new.
  • Custom Bumpers & Trim: Fabricate durable bumpers to withstand collisions and trim to match various car models and their unique features.
  • Custom Headers & Exhaust: Optimize engine performance with headers, enhancing air intake and reducing back pressure. Custom exhaust systems can save money but may be subject to state regulations.
  • Dashes & Consoles: Customize dashboards and consoles to fit the vehicle’s interior dimensions using materials like fiberglass and leather.
  • Engine Brackets: Create engine mounts to hold engines and transmissions securely, ensuring proper fit and alignment.
  • Other customizable parts include air cleaners and headlights, with professionals recommending materials like steel, aluminum, or composite.

Visit Red McCombs Superior Body Shop for Help

Contact Red McCombs Superior Body Shop in San Antonio, TX, for expert advice on custom auto body fabrication. Specializing in classic, antique, vintage, and muscle cars, we offer frame alignment, interior and exterior restoration, custom paint jobs, and engine swaps to meet your unique needs. Trust us to provide durable car parts and quality craftsmanship for lasting satisfaction. The best part? We offer free estimates, so reach out today!