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FAQ on Frame Damage Service in San Antonio, TX

Frame Repair Service

FAQ on Getting Frame Damage Service in San Antonio, TX

Buying a car is one of the most significant purchases you will make. This is also something you will rely on just about every day to perform well and help take care of many important tasks. So you not only need a vehicle that will have minimal mechanic issues, but it should also look nice. As you drive your vehicle in San Antonio, TX, and other places, wear and tear will start to occur. Your vehicle might even suffer damage due to a collision or other incidents. Frame damage is not unusual to experience.

Your vehicle’s body rests on a base called a frame. Your vehicle will either have a body-on-body frame or unibody construction. A frame-on-frame type is typically for larger vehicles such as full-size SUVs and trucks. With this type, the vehicle is bolted to a rigid frame. This version of a frame can effectively handle the force of a crash, as it can absorb the impact well. A unibody is more common today. This construction occurs when the frame and body are made as a single unit. It weighs less and has some fuel efficiency and safety benefits. If either type of frame has damage, it can be unsafe to drive the vehicle. The vehicle may be unstable, and other vital parts may be compromised. The good news is that frame damage service is available to address the problem. When you bring your vehicle to the team at Red McCombs Superior Body Shop, you can count on knowledgeable professionals to restore the frame.

Frame Repair FAQ

Whether your car is fresh off the lot or coming to us after years on the road, the professionals in our San Antonio body shop can match its paint color with computer-guided accuracy. You won’t have to worry about a patch or panel that doesn’t fit, or an unexpected two-tone appearance when you rely on us, as we utilize state-of-the-art tools to match the new paint color to the intended hue. Our camera color matching tech can generate the exact paint color necessary for a seamless paint job.

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  • How Is Frame Damage Service Done? The technicians will first assess the extent of the damage to the frame. In minor and moderate cases, the technicians can dismantle the vehicle and use realignment tools and frame straighteners to repair the frame. 
  • What Is Frame Damage? Essentially, frame damage is damage to any area of the vehicle that supports its structural soundness. Like any other type of damage to a vehicle, frame problems can come in different levels of severity. 
  • How Does Frame Damage Occur? The most common cause of frame damage is collisions. Damage to the frame can also result from excessive wear and tear. Putting off repairs to the frame can lead to the damage worsening and becoming more expensive or more difficult to fix. 
  • What Are the Signs That Your Car Has Frame Damage? The easiest way to tell whether there is frame damage on your car is to inspect the vehicle visually. If your vehicle has even had a minor collision or impact with another object, check the frame for obvious damage. You may even notice extreme tire wear or detect that the car is pulling to one side or the other. Other clues that the frame has damage include when the panels or seams around the doors, trunk, and hood do not fit well. 
  • When Should You Do Frame Damage Repair? You should quickly address even minor damage to the frame. The less serious the damage is, the more likely it is that professionals can repair it. The costs will also be less burdensome if you don’t procrastinate to let a technician address the issues.
  • Where Should You Do Frame Damage Service? Fixing a vehicle’s frame is not a task that most people can or should handle. You need to rely on the skill and experience of a professional. The team at Red McCombs Superior Body Shop has these attributes and the tools to restore your vehicle’s frame effectively. You can schedule a free estimate online today.

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The frame of your car has the important job of supporting the vehicle. The frame should have had good structural integrity for many years. However, if you spot damage to the frame, don’t wait to have a professional take a look. Come to Red McCombs Superior Body Shop in San Antonio, TX, right away. Our dedicated team can repair the damage and return your vehicle’s frame to its pre-accident condition.