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Hacks For Getting A Dent Out Of Your Bumper

Jul 18, 2022

Examining your car only to find a dent on the bumper is never any fun. Maybe you were walking through the parking lot with groceries only to see that someone has love-tapped your car and disappeared, or perhaps you were backing out of the driveway and just forgot where you put your mailbox. In any case, it’s not exactly a worst-case scenario, but it’s still upsetting, and now there’s an unsightly blemish on the surface of your car’s once-pristine body. Fortunately, some dents are relatively easy to fix. If your bumper has experienced a minor mishap, consider these remedies to straighten out that dent.

Heat Things Up

When you first assess the damage to your bumper, you’ll find that’s rigid and wouldn’t be very easy to reshape without some assistance. Some bumpers, particularly those made from a synthetic material like plastic, might be made more pliable with the application of heat. A very minor dent might just need the heat of a hairdryer on a medium setting. Apply the heat for a couple of minutes, then push the dent out from the other side. Alternatively, you could heat the bumper by pouring hot water over it.

Get a Grip

In some cases, a minor dent can be straightened with a household plunger. If you can’t reach behind the dent to push from the other side, then the plunger will allow you to pull the surface straight out. You might also want to heat the dented area first to make the task smoother.

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Red McCombs Superior Body Shop

If your vehicle is sporting something worse than a simple dent on the bumper, then we’ll be ready to fix it here at our body shop in San Antonio. Whenever your car needs professional body work, you can always contact us at Red McCombs Superior Body Shop to schedule an estimate free of charge.

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