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How Forward Collision Mitigation Works in San Antonio, TX

About Forward Collision Mitigation

Driver-assistance and Safety Features

Modern vehicles offer a slate of safety and driver-assistance technologies, and one of the most proactive pieces of tech is the forward collision mitigation system. At Red McCombs Superior Body Shop, we work on all sorts of vehicles, and we often are asked how technology like this works and how it can benefit drivers.

How It Works

Forward collision mitigation systems are a driver-assistance technology that employs radar, lasers, and cameras – often a proprietary combination of those – to identify and alert drivers about vehicles in front of their car in order to avert collisions. Certain systems can also recognize objects, pedestrians, cyclists, and animals in the vehicle’s path. This safety feature notifies the driver using visual, auditory, or tactile cues. The method of warning can be singular or a combination of these cues, depending on the system’s design and, if customizable, the owner’s calibration preferences.

These systems don’t do the driving for you, but depending on how they’re programmed, they can either alert the driver or automatically apply the brakes to help drivers slow down in an emergency situation.

Peace Of Mind with Advanced Safety Features

Inspections by certified technicians can help ensure that driver assistance programs like forward collision mitigation are working properly. If you’ve got questions about your vehicle’s safety or driver-assistance equipment, contact us at Red McCombs Superior Body Shop in San Antonio, TX.