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How To Keep Your Vehicle Clean And Organized

Sep 19, 2022

Here at Red McCombs Superior Body Shop, we’re experts on keeping your vehicle’s exterior looking great and everything under the hood in tip-top shape and we know a little bit about keeping the interior clean as well. Take  a look at these clever organization hacks to help you keep your vehicle clean.

Tips For Preventing Messes

  • Repurpose a cereal container as a trashcan. One of the biggest contributors to a messy car is accumulated trash. Candy wrappers, to-go cups, and empty juice boxes end up on the seat or the floor if you don’t have a trash receptacle. You can purchase a trashcan for your vehicle or DIY one out of a plastic cereal container.
  • Line your cupholder with cupcake liners to keep them clean. If something spills, you’ll be able to easily remove and clean the liners.
  • DIY a travel mug with cling wrap and a straw. If you’re pressed for time and you can’t find a travel mug use this DIY method to prevent spills.

Tips For Organizing Your Car

  • Use a shoe organizer for added storage. Instead of leaving things scattered on your seats, hang a shoe organizer on the back of the front passenger seat for extra storage.
  • Another hack is adding a remote control holder to one of your seats. You can keep things like colored pencils, coloring books, and wipes within reachable distance.
  • Stash a laundry basket in the trunk. One of the most tedious things to do at the end of a busy day is making multiple trips to the car to lug in groceries. You can eliminate a few trips by using a laundry basket to carry them all inside.

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Tips For Cleaning Your Car

  • Keep a stash of plastic bags in used tissue boxes. You can stuff grocery bags or zip lock bags in used tissue boxes. This way you will have bags on hand when you need to clean up a mess.
  • Use a foam craft brush to clean your vents.
  • Use a coffee filter to clean your interior surfaces. Just dab a little olive oil on the filter and wipe down your surfaces.

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