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Important Vehicle Fluids And Why

Sep 13, 2021

Your vehicle has several important fluids that work to keep your car functioning, and they all play different roles. Learn more about the four most important fluids in your car and why they’re important to the overall health of your vehicle!

Engine Oil

Engine oil, or motor oil, keeps every part of your engine moving smoothly. All of the parts of the engine create friction that is needed to power the car, but too much friction can cause excessive wear and tear of these parts. Motor oil keeps everything lubricated so that there’s just the right amount of friction in the engine. Oil also helps clean the engine and keep it free of dirt and debris. When you check your oil level, it should fall between the two marks on the dipstick; anything lower indicates that you need an oil change or top-off. The oil should also be light brown/golden in color and flow easily from the dipstick. If the oil is dark or sludgy, an oil change is overdue.

Power Steering Fluid

Though more and more cars have electric steering systems, many still have power steering systems that use a hydraulic system filled with the power steering fluid. If you notice that your steering feels heavy, hard to turn, or tight, low power steering fluid may be the problem. Before you consider more serious mechanical issues, check the level of power steering fluid in the reservoir. If it’s low, stop by to see us for a fluid flush and replacement.

Brake Fluid

Similar to the power steering system, brake systems are hydraulic and move fluid through the chambers and hoses to apply the brakes at the wheels. If this fluid is low, contaminated, or mixed with air, it can affect your ability to brake properly. If your brakes have felt overly squishy or you’ve noticed that it’s harder to brake in general, it’s best to have the brake fluid checked to ensure that it’s at the proper level and isn’t leaking or contaminated.

Transmission Fluid

As with motor oil, transmission fluid keeps all of the moving parts in your car’s transmission lubricated and shifting smoothly. If you notice a change in how your car shifts gears, you’ll need to have the transmission fluid checked and possibly replenished.

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