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Give Your Car A Makeover With These DIY Detailing Tips

Jan 3, 2022

The more you use your car, the more likely it is to develop some scuffs, stains, and other blemishes. Try these tips to clean it up.

Cloth Upholstery and Carpet

Your vehicle might have cloth somewhere in the interior, whether it’s carpet and floormats or the seating itself. While it’s soft and easy on the eyes, cloth can hold all kinds of grime and dirt, and those dirty particles can build up with each time you hop in the cabin. To clear out all the grimy contaminants that could be hiding in your cloth, you’ll need to deep-clean your cabin from front to back. A carpet cleaning machine should do the job perfectly, as it’s built to break up stubborn dirt with a spray-on solution, then it draws it all away with a robust vacuum.

Cleaning Leather

If your car has leather seating or any other leather features on the inside, you can take special care to make that fine material last. A coffee stain, lipstick mark, or stray blot of ink from an errant pen can stand out on your leather upholstery, so it’s wise to purchase a leather cleaning kit to lift those marks promptly. You can even store the kit in your car to clean up the blemishes without having to head back home. If you see that the leather is torn anywhere, you can opt for an inexpensive leather repair kit to fix those minor rips and cuts.

Refreshing the Wheels

The wheels on your vehicle are right above the road, so they’re exposed to all the mud, puddles, grit, and other hazards you encounter as you drive. This inevitably means that they will take on some tarnish and grime over time, and it can take some dedication and elbow grease to clear away all that they’ve accumulated spinning mile after mile. This task is one of the more involved detail duties, but it’s amazing what a difference you can make with some paint, primer, masking tape, and a drill with a wire wheel attachment.

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