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Sunroof Vs. Moonroof: What’s The Difference?

Jan 9, 2023


Sunroof vs. moonroof: What’s the difference? Great question. You’ve probably heard dealers, family members, friends, ads, and all sorts of sources talk about a car’s moonroof. Or a car’s sunroof. To you, they both might just look like an opening in the ceiling of the car. Call it a sunroof during the day and a moonroof at night, right? Actually, there’s a difference between the two and today we’re going to discuss what that difference is.


A sunroof is an opaque metal panel that can be tilted or removed. It’s usually the same color as your car. While sunroofs have traditionally been considered a luxury feature, more and more lower-trim sedans and other vehicles now offer sunroofs as an available option. Panoramic sunroofs, however, remain a feature that is typically found only on SUVs. We’ll discuss panoramic sunroofs in a moment.


A moonroof is a transparent sliding tinted glass panel that is not removable. They may come with a retractable shade, which can be electric or manual. Moonroofs are found in today’s manufactured vehicles more often than sunroofs.

Panoramic Sunroof

Many newer vehicles that do feature a sunroof go with a panoramic sunroof. A panoramic sunroof is one in which nearly the entire roof of your car is made of glass, however only the panel above the front two seats is able to open.

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Adding A Sunroof Or Moonroof

If your car doesn’t have a sunroof or moonroof but you would like to add one, you may be able to do it – you just have to have the appropriate factory-requisite architecture on your vehicle. Also, you may want to check how adding a sunroof or moonroof will effect your car’s warranty. In some cases, it could make it void. Finally, of course, you will want to get the work done by a professional. Installation for a pop-up sunroof is usually more affordable, while a panoramic sunroof is the most costly.