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What’s That Noise? Auto Warning Signs

Jan 23, 2023


What’s that noise? Auto warning signs are something that you should pay close attention to. After all, something that may seem like it’s not much of a problem at first could turn in to a major headache in the very near future. With that in mind, keep your ears peeled for these noises in particular.

Coin In A Clothes Dryer

If you hear something that rattles around in your wheel at low speeds and then goes away at high speeds, it could be that a lug nut wasn’t tightened enough. Yikes. Head to your mechanic as soon as possible.

Brakes Squealing, Grinding, Or Growling

Do you hear a squealing sound? This means you either have a mouse in your car or you have a brake problem. Well, it’s not a mouse. It’s probably your pads, which means you need to have them changed as soon as possible.

Finger-snapping, Popping, Or Clicking When You Turn

If you have a front-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicle and hear snapping only  when you turn, it may be that one or both of your constant velocity (CV) joints needs replacing.

Rhythmic Squeak

Is your car rear-wheel or four-wheel drive? The squeaking noise your hear may be your universal joint (U-joint). If you suspect this could be a problem, get your vehicle checked as soon as possible.

Howling, Whining, Or “Singing”

Your car is not trying to cut a hit record. Instead, this noise probably means your bearings aren’t working appropriately. Your bearings help your car run smoothly, and it’s important to get to a mechanic immediately if you suspect an issue.

Rhythmic Clunking, Tapping, Or Banging From Under The Hood

If this sound concerns you, well, it should. It could be a serious problem with your valves, rods, or pistons. If you hear this sound, get to a mechanic before it’s too late. Hopefully it will be something simple.

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Squealing Under The Hood When Cranking Or Accelerating

This could mean you have a loose belt. If that’s the case, you’ll want to get it fixed as soon as possible or you could have major damage to your engine. Bring it in to get checked as soon as you can.