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How Much are Automotive Collision Repairs?

How Much are Automotive Collision Repairs?

How Much are Automotive Collision Repairs?

If you’ve ever been in a fender bender or a serious accident, you know the feeling of standing on the side of the road thinking, “How much is this going to cost me?” Unfortunately, collision repairs aren’t free, but when you work with a reputable repair center, you can usually count on quality work and fair prices.

The best thing to do in this situation is to start a free estimate at a trustworthy collision center like Red McCombs Superior Body Shop, but we know you’re itching to know what the damage will cost you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this page.

Below are the current price ranges of the most common collision repairs. Keep in mind that the figures below are just estimates and may not reflect the final cost of your repairs.

Minor Scratch Repairs

Range: $150 – $2,000

We know that’s a pretty big range, so let’s break down the factors that will affect the final price. The first thing to consider is how deep the scratch is. If it only penetrates the clear coat, repairs will be on the lower end of the price range. If the scratch is through the paint, the repair team will need to match the paint color and more. The next consideration is the size and location of the scratch. A larger scratch will, of course, cost more than a smaller one. A scratch located near the center of the body panel will be more affordable than one that is close to an adjacent panel because it will need to be blended.

Crack Repairs

Range: $700 – $2,000

Repairing a crack in your vehicle’s body will require paint and autobody work. The price will be affected by how many panels are involved, so the longer the crack, the more it will likely cost.

Dent(s) Repairs

Range: $100 – $3,000

Another big range. Repairing a dent can involve up to four separate services—paintless dent repair (PDR), dent pulling, panel replacement, paint matching, and possibly more. Most small dents that only involve one body panel can be repaired using the PDR method and will land on the lower end of the spectrum. Dents that are large, sharp, or hard to access will increase in cost relative to the amount of labor and parts involved in the final repair.

Windshield Repairs

Range: $100 – $2,000

Most windshield damage can be repaired without a huge hit to your wallet. A small chip or crack can easily be filled, but cracks are prone to spreading, so it’s best to get them repaired as soon as you notice them. Even windshield replacements are unlikely to exceed $700. The majority of expenses associated with windshield repair come from added features such as heated glass or advanced safety system sensors that will need to be recalibrated after repairs or replacements are completed.

Seat Belt Repair

Range: $200 – $3,000

Like windshield repairs, cost increases associated with replacing or repairing a seat belt are usually driven by additional features that require recalibration.

Bumper Replacement

Range: $700 – $3,000

The price of a bumper replacement will be affected by three things – the cost of the bumper itself, whether other body panels are involved, and if the bumper contains any cameras or sensors that will need to be replaced and recalibrated.

Rear-end, Front-end, and Side Collision Repairs

Range: $150 – $10,000 or more

Rear-end repairs can cost as low as $150, while front-end repairs typically start at $200. The price of both will be affected by whether the paint is damaged, the bumper needs to be replaced, additional panels are involved, or if there is any frame damage. Side collision repairs can range from a $300 PDR repair to a $10,000 repair that involves replacing the quarter panel, fender, roof rails, and more.

Frame Damage Repairs

Range: $10,000 – $30,000

Frame Damage is the costliest type of collision repair and, in many cases, may cause your insurance company to total out the vehicle. This is because the repair will likely involve the removal and replacement of several body panels in addition to the repairs and replacement completed on the actual frame. Another big factor is the age and brand of the vehicles. Frame repairs for a new premium or luxury brand vehicle will likely cost more than repairs for an older mainstream vehicle.

How to Get a Free Estimate

As stated above, no one can be certain how much collision repairs will cost until a trained professional assesses the full damage. If you live in San Antonio, TX, schedule a free estimate with the Red McCombs Body Shop to start your repair process.