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Protect Your Car Paint With These Tips

Aug 9, 2021

Your car gets a lot of wear and tear, especially on the outside. However, with these tips, you can protect the paint on your car for years to come.

Wash and Dry Regularly

Ideally, if you’re driving your car every weekday and on the weekends too, you want to be washing your car at least once a week. Washing your car has more benefits than just the optics of a shiny clean car, it actually helps protect the paint on your car from UV rays, dirt, grime, debris, dead bugs, and bird droppings – all of which can damage the paint and finish on your car. Though hand-washing your car will ensure that dirt is washed away gently without adding scratches to the paint, that’s not always feasible on such a regular basis. If your car isn’t very dirty at the end of the week, or if you simply don’t have time to scrub it down yourself, taking your car through the carwash once a week is better than not at all! Plus, at the car wash, you can get extras that help protect your paint even more.

Polish with Wax

Waxing is another thing that looks beautiful while providing a lot of benefits to your car – namely in that it provides extra protection from UV rays, bird droppings, and splattered bugs. It also reduces the drag force of your car a bit, which makes it a little bit more efficient. If you’re washing your car at home, you can apply the wax after it’s washed and dried. If you’re going to the carwash, it usually comes with a base wash, but you can always add a wax. However, wax lasts for about six weeks, so you don’t need to apply it each time you wash your car.

Park with Protection

If you don’t have a garage or carport that provides cover overnight and on the weekend, consider investing in a pop-up carport, a car cover, or both. The important thing is that your car is shielded from UV rays and the aforementioned grime from birds and bugs. You can purchase pop-up carports and covers at auto supply shops, hardware stores, and many online retailers.

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Fix Imperfect Paint at Red McCombs Body Shop

If the paint on your car has a few scratches or chips, schedule service with us and get your car restored to its former glory.