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Step By Step Oil Change Details

Mar 14, 2022

Having your vehicle’s oil checked regularly is just a typical part of car maintenance. Without regularly scheduled oil changes, your car’s oil will fill with dirt and dust particles that can seriously damage your car’s engine. Take a look at exactly what happens when you take your car in for an oil change!

Checking the Oil Levels

The very first thing your technician will do when you bring your car in for a routine oil change is to check the current oil levels. They are looking at the condition of the oil to see how well you take care of your vehicle.

Draining the Oil

The next step is for the technician to lift up the car or go into a pit underneath the car so they can remove the oil pan. The oil pan is bolted underneath the car. This lets all of the old oil drain out of the car to make room for the new oil.

Replacing the Oil Filter

The technician will then remove the current oil filter and replace it with one that is freshly lubricated. Why do you need a new oil filter? The oil filter’s purpose is to keep dirt and dust particles out of the engine. After a while, that filter becomes coated in oil to the point that it can no longer serve its purpose.

New Oil

After the replace the oil filter, the technician will place the oil pan back under the bottom of the car and reattach the bolt that holds it in place. Then they will refill the engine with new oil. Oil types vary based on a lot of vehicle factors.

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