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Tips To Prepare Your Car For Summer Road Trips

Jun 6, 2022

Summertime is finally here, which means vacation time is in your near future! Before you put in your paid time off request, pack your suitcase, and hit the road, don’t forget the key component to a safe road trip: a healthy car. Use this summer road trip maintenance checklist to ensure your vehicle is ready to hit the road.

Tire Pressure

The climate has a large effect on your tire pressure. During the summer, the heat may cause your tires to overinflate, while the cool weather makes your tires deflate. Check your owner’s manual for optimal tire pressure and check each tire to ensure it meets those standards.

Squeak, Squeak

It’s time to stop ignoring that squeak from your brakes. It’s time you take your vehicle to a trusted auto repair shop for a brake inspection. You need this component of your vehicle to work when you’re on the go, so see what the root of the issue is, whether that’s a leak, the rotors, drums, or pads.

Test out the Battery

You don’t want to be a few hours down the road, stop for some gas, only to hop in the car and listen to your vehicle struggle to start. Now, it’s time to put your battery to the test. Have a professional technician take a look and see if your car battery is road-trip-ready.

Top Off the Fluids

If you’re planning to drive several thousands of miles, whether it’s time for an oil change or not, it’s best to go ahead and top off all of your fluids to ensure your vehicle is fresh for your trip. Use a professional auto service center for the best results.

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Check the AC

The last thing you want to do is get down the road and break a sweat. Don’t get stuck on the road without proper air conditioning. Put your air conditioning system to the test by taking a drive. As you get down the road, if you notice a decline in the coolness, you may need to replace the filter or consider a new AC system.

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