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Is Your Transmission Failing? Check For These Sounds

Mar 21, 2022

No one wants to hear any sort of noises coming from their car. If you do hear any noises coming from your car, it is best to have it checked out by a professional as soon as possible. Transmission repairs are expensive and buying a completely new transmission is even more expensive. Take a look at these different transmission noises so you can have a better idea of what is going on with your transmission!

What Does the Transmission Do?

The transmission of a car is one of its most powerful components! There is a variety of transmission types. How your car’s transmission works kind of depends on what kind of transmission it is. The basic function of the transmission is that it enables the gear ratio between the engine and the wheels to adjust as the vehicle speeds up and slows down.


If your car has an automatic transmission, grinding sounds are something you do not want to hear. This usually means there is an advanced problem with the planetary gear system. If you hear grinding noises, your transmission is probably damaged, and you should get your car to a body shop quickly!


If your car is making a gurgling sound, it usually means there is a problem with the level of transmission fluid. The gurgling noise you are hearing is caused by the excess air inside the transmission lines. This issue may have developed because of a transmission leak, or from forgetting to check the levels. These gurgling noises need to be checked out before your transmission starts to develop further problems.


There could b potential problems if you are hearing a whining sound from your transmission. Whining sounds are particularly hard to diagnose. It could be caused by torque converter problems or a clogged transmission line. Whining sounds need immediate attention from a professional.

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Red McCombs Superior Body Shop

If you are hearing wild noises from your transmission, it is time to see a professional! Bring your vehicle to Red McCombs Superior Body shop to have the best of the best take care of you and your car.

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