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Different Types of Collision Damage in San Antonio, TX

Types of Collision Damage

Top Collision Damage Types

Most collision damages are categorized into three types: front-end collision, rear-end collision, and side-impact collision. Depending on the type of collision your vehicle has experienced, the damages and repairs could look quite different. Let’s explore how each type of collision shows up on your vehicle.

Front-End Collision Damage

Front-end collision is when the front end of the vehicle takes the biggest hit. Things like your windshield, grill, hood, headlights, and more are commonly affected externally. Internally, there tend to be issues with the frame, suspension, wheel misalignment, transmission and engine damage, and more. Working with a collision and body repair specialist will help to identify where the damage lies and what procedures will be necessary to repair the vehicle.

Rear-End Collision Damage

Rear-end collision impacts areas like the rear bumper, tail lights, trunk, and rear paneling. Internal issues that rear-collision can cause include drive train issues, frame damage, and transmission damage. If you have rear-end damage, talk with a collision specialist to find out what was damaged and how to approach repairs.

Side-Impact Collision

Side-impact collisions are anywhere on the side of your entire vehicle, which includes side doors, paneling, door windows, etc. Some typical damage incurred in side impact are wheel damage and frame damage.

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