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What To Do If Your Vehicle Won’t Start

Jul 26, 2021

It is usually the cherry topper to an already sub-par day. You slide into the driver seat of your vehicle, insert your keys into the ignition or press the start button, and your means of transportation is nonexistent. But luckily for you, we have gathered some tips on what to do if your car won’t start.

No Sound or Lights

This could mean two things: a battery connection problem or a dead battery. First, you will want to check the battery cable connections. If you can twist and turn the cables, the connection is loose and you should remove them, clean them, and reconnect them using a wrench to tighten.

If the cables are not loose, you should try jump-starting your car with a jumper box, or with the help of cables and another car.

No Sound and Dashboard Lights On

You may experience this if your vehicle isn’t in the park, the key fob has a dead battery, or there’s a faulty starter motor. If your vehicle is not in the park, try shifting the gear into neutral and starting the car. If your key fob battery is dead, look at the car owner’s manual for an alternative way to start the vehicle. Lastly, if your car has a faulty motor, you will want to have it looked at by a professional and call a tow shop.

Engine Makes a Clicking Sound

A weak battery is most likely the culprit. Turn your headlights on and notice the brightness? High brightness means your battery is good, but you may have a bad starter or bad cable connection. If the lights are dim, you most likely have a weak battery and should try to jump-start your vehicle.

Normal Cranking but Engine Won’t Fire

In this scenario, you may be running low or out of gas, a flooded engine, or a blown fuse for the fuel pump or ignition circuit.

If it’s your gas, call someone you know or a service that will bring you gas. A flooded engine is a simple fix, as all you need to do is hold the gas pedal all the way down and crank the engine to clear the fuel from the combustion chamber. For a blown fuse, you will want to pull out your owner’s manual and check the fuse box location. Most fuse boxes have spare fuses inside.

A Crank with a Grinding Noise

With this one, it is possible that the starter is not engaging the flywheel. You will want to get your car into the shop right away.

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Super-Fast Cranking with a Spinning Noise

This is a serious issue, and you will want to stop cranking immediately and call for a tow.