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Why That Battery Might Keep Dying

Nov 7, 2022


If you had to ask your neighbor to jump start your vehicle this morning and it’s the third time this week, you’re probably wondering why your battery keeps dying. It’s pretty clear at this point that you have an underlying issue, but there are several reasons why your battery might stop holding a charge. Keep reading for a list of questions you should ask to narrow down the answer.

Did You Leave Your Lights On?

Headlamps or dome lights that are left on are one of the most common reasons for a drained battery. Most modern cars have an automatic timer that will turn your lights off for you after several seconds. If you’re relying on that feature to turn your lights off, double-check that you haven’t accidentally disabled it. You might be leaving your lights on without realizing it.

How Old is Your Battery?

Unfortunately, batteries aren’t immortal. Eventually, they will deteriorate and stop working properly. If you’ve had your battery for more than three to four years, it might be time for a new one. You can bring your car battery to Red McCombs Superior Body Shop for testing. If it turns out that your battery needs to be replaced, we’ll help you find the right one and install it for you.

Is there Corrosion on Your Battery?

Your alternator is responsible for charging up your battery while you drive, but corrosion on you battery connections can prevent it from doing its job. Check your battery for corrosion. It will appear as a white, brown, or greenish-blue substance on your battery terminals. If you have corrosion, you can remove it with a wire brush and battery cleaner.

Are Your battery Cables Properly Connected?

Loose battery cables will also prevent your charging system from topping off your battery as you drive. While you’re inspecting your battery for corrosion, make sure the cables are connected properly. If not, grab a Phillips screwdriver and tighten the brackets that connect your cables to the terminals.


Red McCombs Superior Body Shop

If none of the above issues are to blame, you should schedule an appointment with a professional. Your vehicle most likely has a parasitic drain or your charging system is malfunctioning. The team at Red McCombs Superior Body Shop can diagnose the problem and make the proper repairs.

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