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5 Ways To Maximize Trunk Space

Nov 15, 2021

Cars can get messy very easily, especially the trunk! Fast food wrappers, smelly gym bags, and just-in-case tools get scrambled all around your vehicle with every turn of the steering wheel. We have all faced those embarrassing “oops” moments when a friend has to move junk around just to find a place to sit in your car. Check out these 5 vehicle organization tips to really maximize your trunk space!

Clean, Clean, Clean

First things first, get everything out of your car! Remove all the items, then use some elbow grease to really make everything shine. Use a vacuum cleaner to get all the sand, dirt, and food crumbs out of your vehicle. then use made-for-cars wipes to clean all the leather surfaces of your vehicle.

Utilize the Built-Ins

Now that everything is clean, it’s time to take a look around your trunk to see what you have to work with! Most vehicles have a few built-in areas that can be used for storage. See if you can keep car-related things, such as jumper cables and tire jacks inside your vehicle’s spare tire compartment.

Create Your Own Compartments

Use cardboard boxes or plastic containers to keep your must-have things organized in your trunk by category. You can keep all of your things right where you need them by placing them inside a contained area so they don’t move around your car while you’re driving. You don’t have to break the bank by buying car-specific organizers. Use plastic bags, suction cupped shower caddy’s, or whatever else you can find.

Pack in the Big Stuff First

If you’re needing to carry around some hefty items, it is best to put that inside your trunk before you fill it with everything else you need.

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Fill The Floor

It may seem like a good idea to stack your stuff on top of each other, then shove it all to the back of your trunk to “make more room” for items you will be adding in later. It is actually better to place your stuff where it is covering the entire floor of the trunk first, then stack everything on top once the floor is covered. This will help avoid any slipping and sliding while you’re on the road!