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Car Not Smelling So Fresh? Clear The Air With These Tips

Aug 8, 2022

Everybody loves the new car smell. Unfortunately, after your vehicle has served as your transportation, lunchroom, coffee house, and office for years, it’s a little harder to achieve the new car smell, but it’s not impossible. Check out these tips for making your car smell fresh and clean again.

Clean Your Vents

Although spilled drinks and fast food sauces are huge contributors to bad smells in your car, dirt, and grime caught in your air vents are two of the most common culprits. Cleaning out your air vents can both improve the smell in your car’s interior and reduce the number of germs and allergens circulating in your cabin.

Repurpose Your Dryer Sheets

Once you have cleaned your air vents you can purchase car air fresheners or repurpose dryer sheets to deodorize your car. You can hang dryer sheets in front of your air conditioning vents to give your interior a quick refresher. To keep your car smelling nice, punch holes in the sides of the dryer sheet box. It will last longer than any air freshener you can purchase in the store.

Make a Coffee Bean Air Freshener

Coffee beans are another household item you can use as an air freshener. They’ll infuse your car with the energizing smell of coffee and they will have the added benefit of absorbing bad odors. To make an air freshener with coffee beans, just pour them into a mesh bag. Then you can place the coffee bean air fresheners under your seats.

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Make a DIY Essential Oil Vent Clip

If you like the idea of quickly diffusing a fresh clean smell throughout your car’s interior, then you should try making a DIY vent clip using essential oils. To make a vent clip you’ll need a clothespin, a cotton ball, and essential oil of your choice. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the cotton ball then clip it to your vent with the clothespin. You can also dilute the oil with water in a spray bottle and spritz it throughout your car.

If your car needs more than a good air freshener, call us at Red McCombs Superior Body Shop for top-quality care.