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Certified Electric Vehicle Service Center

Certified Electric Vehicle Service Center

Why You Should Use a Certified Electric Vehicle Service Center

The popularity of electric vehicles continues to grow as buyers become more acquainted with their inherent fuel-saving and eco-friendly nature. In response, automakers have met the demand for more electrified options with lineups that feature a range of hybrid and electric models. Dealerships have adjusted what they display on their showroom floor, but that’s not all they should be adjusting. Service centers also have to update the training and expertise of the mechanics on their staff to meet the unique needs of electric vehicle owners. If you’ve recently switched to an EV or PHEV model, it’s important that you find a service center with the expertise to properly care for it.

Why EVs Need Specialized Repairs

There are a multitude of reasons why electric vehicle maintenance and repairs should be entrusted to technicians who’ve undergone training in their care, but below are three of the most compelling.

1: Safety

EVs are connected to powerful battery packs that operate at a higher voltage than those found in gasoline-only vehicles. That means that there is a higher risk of electrical shock, which could damage your vehicle or mechanical equipment or, in the worst-case scenario, harm a repair technician. Service centers that handle EV repairs and maintenance need the proper tools and equipment to reduce the chances of injury or property damage.

2: Battery Expertise

The battery under the hood of a gas-only vehicle is a whole lot less complex than the batteries found in EVs and PHEVs. Batteries engineered for electrified vehicles require maintenance and might need repairs throughout their much longer lifespan. Providing maintenance to EV batteries is a specialized skill your EV technician should be trained in.

3: EV Specific Components

One of the features drivers love about electric vehicles is that they don’t need regular oil changes or gas station fill-ups, which translates to a lower cost of ownership than a gas-only vehicle. However, EVs have unique components that aren’t found in gas-powered cars. EVs have motors instead of engines, and instead of oil and coolant, they use advanced cooling systems. Even EV braking systems are different, incorporating regenerative braking in order to help your EV battery stay charged. For your vehicle to get the proper care, the service center you use needs to employ technicians who have a deep understanding of these systems.

Certified EV Technicians at Red McCombs Superior Body Shop

Fortunately for EV drivers in San Antonio, TX, Red McCombs Superior Body Shop is an I-CAR Gold Class Collision center. That means our team goes through continuous training on the latest technology, equipment, and repair techniques to maintain our certifications. And yes, that does include EV-specific training. We provide repair services for electric models from multiple brands, so when you need collision repairs, give us a call.