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Get Your Car Ready For Spring With These Tips

Apr 4, 2022

Both you and your vehicle managed to make it through the winter! Now the sun is coming out, the weather is warming up, and the pollen is swarming, which can only mean one thing: it is finally the season of baseball and blooming flowers. Spring is a crowd favorite for many because it is a time for cleaning up and getting organized. Take the time for some spring tender, love, and repair with these tips!

Replace the Wiper Blades

They say April showers bring May flowers! Although, before the tulips start to bloom, just like the saying says, some rain showers are going to flood in. That is why it’s important for your wiper blades to be fresh and ready to go. If your blades seem to be okay, it is still best to go ahead and replace them so you will be set for the wet season. This is an inexpensive repair!

Test the Brakes

When you put the pedal to the metal, do you hear a squeaking or grinding noise? Chances are, it’s time to have your brakes checked. Many retailers will check them for free too. Your brake pads may need attention, or it may be time to replace your brakes, but hey, that’s better than them giving up on you when you are out on the road!

Fresh Oil

It’s time for an oil change too! Many vehicles require thinner oil during the colder months, but now that the temperature is cranking up and the sun is coming out, it’s time to thicken up your oil. Oil changes are cheap and quick, and you can even do them at home with a few simple steps!

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It’s Getting Hot in Here

Can you turn up the AC? Before you know it, the breezy and warm spring season will transition into the brutal heat of the Texas summer. Turn on your air conditioning and let it run for 15 minutes to see if it can keep up with the heat, or have a trusted technician test it out for you.