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Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

Jun 20, 2022

The warm weather is here, and we all love to lay out in the summer heat, but your car doesn’t feel the same. Don’t forget that your vehicle can overheat! We have some tips on how to keep your car cool this summer.


Parking in the shade may seem like an obvious choice in the summertime, but what if there are no spots in the shade? Sometimes you can find some shaded areas when parking further away, or you can purchase a sunshade to keep as much heat outside of the car as possible. This small tip could help you prolong the life of your car.


Keeping window shades in your car is a great way to always have a shady spot inside your car. After all, no one can always guarantee shade. These window shades can also be custom-made to fit your car windows depending on where you purchase them. Tinting your vehicle windows is also a good choice. Local dealerships and autobody shops can help you with this for added UV protection.

If you’re in need of a quick and costless fix, leave your car windows open slightly. When windows are closed, they trap the hot air inside, making the car feel like an oven the next time you open the door. Keeping your windows slightly open can help some of the hot air escape. When cracking your windows open, make sure they aren’t open too much to where someone could reach in the car, and always check the weather first. You wouldn’t want a summer storm to roll through with open car windows.

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Keep Your Possessions Out of the Sun

If you have beloved possessions in your car, such as tapes, CDs, delicate items or plastic, you should keep them stored in a shady and cool place if you can to ensure they are out of the path of direct sunlight.