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How To Keep Your Furry Friend Safe And Happy In The Car

Feb 14, 2022

Most people would never let their passengers or themselves ride in a car without a seatbelt, so why should dogs be any different? Dogs have just as much of a chance of injury, or even death, in an accident as people do. They can also be hazardous for drivers and other passengers if they are left in a moving car unrestrained. Understanding car safety for dogs is important for anyone traveling with their furry friend.

Why Should You Secure Your Dog in the Car?

There are lots of reasons why you should prioritize restraining your pup when you are on the go! Unrestrained pets can cause dangerous distractions by frantically running side to side, barking, or trying to get the driver’s affection. A loose pet can also be ejected from a moving vehicle if there is an accident or a sudden stop. Dogs can easily be thrown through an open window or even through the glass of the front windshield. This can cause serious injury to both the dog and to surrounding humans. A loose dog may also escape the vehicle and run through traffic, which can cause other vehicles to have accidents as well. An unrestrained dog may become a threat to rescue workers in case of an accident. Dogs can oftentimes become frightened and bite rescue workers who are trying to help.

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Different Options for Keeping Your Pup Safe

  • A Kennel or Crate: A stable kennel or crate is a great way to keep your pup restrained in the car. It gives your dog its own space to get comfortable and remain calm.
  • Seatbelt/Safety Harness: There are lots of different styles of doggy seatbelts. Some attach to collars and some have padded harnesses. Take a look at a few and find out what will be the best fit for your dog!
  • Dog Booster Seat: Most dogs calm down once they can take a peek out the window. Smaller dogs may benefit from sitting in a dog booster seat on the road. That way, they feel more secure in their surroundings.
  • A Dog Barrier: Dog barriers go between the from and back seats to prevent pups from climbing up to where the driver is seated. This is a great way to avoid distracting dog kisses when you’re on the road!