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Fall Is The Perfect Time To Clean Out Your Vehicle

Nov 8, 2021

Winter weather can wreck some serious havoc on your vehicle! People who live in particularly cold regions of the world can experience long-lasting damage due to rain, sleet, and snow. Use these tips and tricks to keep your car in the best possible shape this winter and avoid some of winter’s worst vehicle damage.


Your tires are what essentially keeps your car moving. They keep you from slipping and sliding all over the icy winter roads, or they are supposed to. Make sure your tires are prepared for winter by ensuring that they have at least 1/8 inch of tread left to keep you going in the right direction. Have your car washed with a high-quality polish added to your tires this fall. This will help your tires look good, as well as keep them safe from the elements of winter.

Exterior Paint

Your vehicle’s finish is probably the most delicate part of it! Get your car’s paint prepared for winter this year with a good detailing. Wash the body of your car with cleaner made specifically for vehicles to get rid of any bugs, bird droppings, and debris left over from the warmer summer months. If you use any regular household detergent or soap, you may strip your car’s finish of its protective wax. You should also have a paint sealant applied to your car before winter starts. The salt and chemicals used to keep roads from freezing over can significantly scratch and damage your paint job.

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Interior Upholstery

If you have leather seats or leather upholstery anywhere in your vehicle, this tip is for you! Leather can get extremely dried out in the wintertime, due to lack of moisture in the air. When leather gets dry, it cracks! You need to give all of your car’s leather a good coat of special moisturizing conditioner in the fall so you can avoid the disappointment of cracked leather.