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Warning Signs That Your Car Is Leaking Antifreeze

May 9, 2022

Antifreeze is a crucial component of the functionality of your vehicle. Antifreeze keeps your vehicle’s radiator from freezing during the winter, but it also controls the engine’s temperature so that it does not overheat. If you have any indication that your antifreeze is leaking, you need to bring your vehicle down to Red McCombs Superior Body Shop today.

Signs of an antifreeze leak include:

  • Vehicle overheating or running hot.
  • Puddles under the car of lime-green, orange, pink, or blue-green.
  • A sweet smell coming from your car after you shut it off.

Once here, our technicians will get to work diagnosing the issue and fixing any problems that are found. Our technicians are more than capable of repairing all sorts of issues on all makes and models. If you need coolant service, do not hesitate to visit our state-of-the-art service center today. You will not be disappointed.

How to Locate a Leak

Follow this guide on how to spot a leak:

  • Begin by driving your vehicle until it is fully warmed up. Then, park on a clean, dry section of pavement. Shut your vehicle off, and let it cool down for around 15 minutes.
  • Once 15 minutes have passed, look for a fresh puddle under your vehicle. If you notice that there is no puddle, but you smell a sweet aroma, kneel and look under your vehicle’s underside for any wet spots. If you do notice that a small puddle or stain has formed under your car, lift the hood and look at the engine bay. Look for signs of coolant leakage around the radiator cap, on hoses, and on the radiator itself. If a hose looks like it is leaking, try tightening the clamp.
  • If you notice that the smell is stronger in your vehicle than outside of it, the issue could be within the heater. If the carpet is damp or the windows fog up rather easily, the heater core might leak. If the heater core is leaking, you need to let a technician take a look since it is buried behind the instrument panel.

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Should You Drive with an Antifreeze Leak?

We recommend that you get the problem fixed as soon as possible. Don’t be that person who sits on a potential issue and then finds themselves stranded on the side of the road. If you cannot get the problem immediately looked at, you can feasibly drive around for a few days by topping off the coolant system with water. However, that solution is temporary.

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