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Why Your USB Ports Won’t Work

Sep 26, 2022

You get in your car. Maybe you need directions, or you want to listen to a specific playlist as you travel. Either way, before you start driving, you pull out your phone to get what you need. You plug your cell phone into your car USB so that you have plenty of juice while you are venturing down the road. When you plug your phone into your USB, though, you notice that it is not actually charging. What could be the problem? NAPA offers guidance on what to check when your car’s USB ports are not working.

Unable to Connect?

If your phone is not connecting, you may need to try plugging in your phone again. It could be that you need to flip the plug. When you retry to plug, make sure it is lined up correctly.

Is a Cable Frayed?

Of course, you can’t steer your focus only on the USB port if your phone isn’t charging. Check out the cable as well. If it is frayed or bent, it may be unusable. You may have to replace the older cable.

Do You See Trapped Debris?

Over time dust, dirt, and even food particles can get lodged into the tiny space of the USB port. Check your USB port to see if you can spot any trapped debris. You can solve this issue with a CRC parts cleaner.

Inspect the Fuse Box

It is possible that the cause of your USB port failing is a blown fuse. Some functions in your vehicle are bundled on the same circuit. If you notice that other parts of your car like the audio system aren’t working, then you may want to inspect the fuse box to see if a fuse has blown. If there is a blown fuse, you will need to schedule a replacement.

A Faulty USB Port

A good thing can only last so long. If your phone is not charging when you plug it into your USB, then it could simply be that the actual USB port has worn out. If you need a new USB port, check to see if your vehicle is still under warranty. It is possible that the manufacturer can cover the repair. If not may have to turn to a repair manual.

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Travel Connected

Whether you are running an errand or going on a long road trip, it is important that you are available to stay in communication with your loved ones. If you notice any of the problems above with your car’s USB port, then you need to replace the necessary parts or schedule a repair. If you are looking for a body shop that offers a range of services and live in San Antonio, Texas, then you need to visit Red McCombs Superior Body Shop.

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